Relevance of Homework

Homework has a huge significance in the school curricula, although it poses the principal challenge in home and school life for students. Such is the extent that it can lead to stress and tension within the family. Research even shows that homework contributes predominantly to stress, sleep deprivation, weight loss, exhaustion, and high anxiety levels. But is homework relevant for students?

Homework Relevance

Debate still rages over the merits of assignments with diverse countries having separate approaches with a view of offering their kids and parents alike the very best. The traditional mentality about homework has a few assumptions that make it obsolete and adds to the fuel about abolishing homework in totality. Assignments, however, can be useful when administered properly.     

It is often generic and does very little to add to a student’s experience in learning. Traditional homework assumes that each student has an equal capacity in terms of maturity, ability, and concentration. But these assumptions are vastly misplaced as individuals are different, and their capabilities also differ significantly. It is for this reason that most students find homework very stressful, especially in cases where they must do impossible assignments alone.

Besides, kids already spend close to eight hours of constant learning in school and homework only serves to eat up whatever time they have left to enjoy life. Students need extra time for rejuvenation by meeting family and friends and engaging in activities of extra-curricular nature. It is, therefore, vital to provide students with quality high school homework help and structure assignments in a way that can improve a student’s engagement and contribute to their immediate and long-term development. 

The development of such approaches mainly tries to improve on the experience students, and parents have in making assignments more manageable, worthwhile, and meaningful. Teachers can share learning subjects with parents for the whole term and implore parents to explore the subject with their kids at home. Hosting of talk subjects with a connection to lessons that can get discussed while the family has dinner or during travels in the car. It can also include activities of extra-curricular nature that tie to every unit. They include an art exhibition, museum visitation, or practical activities.  

Enhance literacy and arithmetic skills at home using methods that exclude mandatory reading and endless sums. Parents should assist students in practicing arithmetic skills through creative ways such as doing a budget for groceries that involve calculations and doing furniture measurements on IKEA trips. Further, parents can read together with their kid every time they can, so that they make it an enjoyable process. The mentality and literacy skills of kids improve when they view reading as a non-chore activity.

Such opportunities allow learners to apply their learning in a distinct context. In multi-cultural class scenarios, exploring subjects at home can prove vital in developing the vocabulary of their native language besides English. Additionally, parents give teachers feedback in cases where the students struggled to enable them to issue students with more targeted assistance. 

The quest to make assignments more relevant has seen the adoption of alternative systems of education, for example, in Finland where they almost don’t issue assignments. 


Homework has the potential of immensely benefiting the students when targeted and properly administered. Issuing assignments with no real intention can be a source of tension and stress for the family besides hindering the student’s development. So getting it right is the key to ensuring homework has relevance in the learning process.

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